Papers that look at release or reuse of digital cultural heritage content and areas including IPR and copyright.

Items in the Papers Collection

Business Models for PSI Re-Use: A Multidimensional Framework
In recent years the Open Data philosophy has gained a considerable momentum. In the public realm the free release of PSI datasets, besides enabling new and promising forms of governmental accountability, paves the way to third-party developed…

Curating / Open / Image
This short piece discusses the theory and practice of curating images in the networked media culture. It also highlights the tension between ‘openness’ and ‘closure’ that surfaces in the often conflicting approaches to images and other forms…

Discussion paper: Extending the Europeana Licensing Framework
Provides an overview of a number of separate but interlinked efforts to extend the Europeana Licensing Framework – the framework that governs the copyright aspects of Europeana.

Open Content in the Creative Industries: A Source for Service Innovation?
Book chapter looking at the challenges for creative industries in reusing content.

Unlocking the potential through Creative Commons
Report based on the outcomes of the CCau IndustryForum + ccSalon events held in November 2006 at the Creative IndustriesPrecinct, Queensland University of Technology. This report seeks to evaluate and respond to the awareness, support, practicalities…

The Problem of the Yellow Milkmaid<br />
A Business Model Perspective on Open Metadata
Europeana’s extensive consultation with the heritage sector, including dozens of workshops, has explored in detail the risks and rewards of open data from different perspectives. The most helpful way of framing this discussion has proven to be…

Control of Museum Art Images: The Reach and Limits of Copyright and Licensing
Many museums and art libraries have digitized their collections of artworks. Digital imaging capabilities represent a significant development in the academic study of art, and they enhance the availability of art images to the public at large. The…

Museum Policies and Art Images: Conflicting Objectives and Copyright Overreaching
Museums face steady demand for images of artworks from their collections, and they typically provide a service of making and delivering high-resolution images of art. The images are often intellectually essential for scholarly study and teaching, and…

A Curated Object and a Disruptive e-Anarchive
Illustrated article introducing Photomediations: An Open Book -an experiment in ‘open and hybrid publishing’ undertaken in 2015 as part of the Europeana Space project.

Opening Access to Collections: the Making and Using of Open Digitised Cultural Content
This paper situates the activity of digitisation to increase access to cultural and heritage content alongside the objectives of the Open Access movement. It demonstrates that increasingly open licensing of digital cultural heritage content is…