Guides that support those who are sharing or reusing open content. These guides are intended to give step-by-step assistance and often contain flow charts or check lists.

Items in the Guides Collection

Infokit: Metadata
The first in a series of advice documents about metadata. The documents are aimed at those developing managed and sharable digital collections and are of use to those creating still image, moving image or audio collections.

Apps4Europe: Business models for open data applications
This document is composed out of two parts. In the first part, Raf Buyle of V-ICT-OR explains lessons learned around innovative procurement in Belgium. The second part is written by ESADE and presents research into the business models applied by…

Guide for museums putting their content online.

CC Toolkits
CC Toolkits is a project to help organize the creative work about Creative Commons (CC), for others to take or remix to help share the importance of Creative Commons with others. This site is a place to find useful information, and communicate your…

Commons: Copyright rules by territory
Information on how the laws about copyright differ from country to country.

Digital Content Guide
Digital Content Guide has been developed by a group of creative rights holders and creative content industry associations to help consumers find licensed content online across a range of services and platforms.

Guide to Open Content Licenses
Old but very comprehensive guide to open content licenses. Good coverage of discussion areas.

How to make a business case for open data
Many organisations are interested in opening their data but are unsure of the associated costs and benefits. We will guide you through the steps needed to maximise the benefits of opening data by asking four questions: What are your organisation’s…

Licensing Open Data: A Practical Guide
This Guide has been developed for organisations who are considering the issues associated with licensing open data and/or want to understand the terms under which they can use data which has been licensed by third parties. It provides a practical…

ODI: Publisher's Guide to Open Data Licensing
Publisher's guide to open data licensing.